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osgBullet v2.0 Released

Louisville, CO — Skew Matrix Software is pleased to announce a major release of the award-winning osgBullet open-source project. osgBullet supports visualization of Bullet physics simulations using the OpenGL-based OpenSceneGraph (OSG) SDK.

Major changes in the osgBullet v2.0 release include support for standalone collision detection, user interaction via the mouse or a data glove, save and restore support, and several new examples demonstrating osgBullet's capabilities. Extensive Doxygen documentation and an overall cleaner API round out the new feature list.

The osgBullet v2.0 release adds support for Bullet 2.79 and OSG 3.0.1. osgBullet is the recipient of a 2010 R&D 100 award.

Skew Matrix Software would like to thank the open source community for collaborating by submitting bug reports, fixes, and enhancements.

Skew Matrix Software provides 3D graphics software development services, specializing in OpenGL and scene graph technologies.

To download osgBullet, or for more information: