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R&D 100 Recipient
Skew Matrix has received a 2010 R&D 100 Award for the osgBullet project.

Audio, Physics, and Developer Tools for OpenSceneGraph

Louisville, CO — Skew Matrix Software is pleased to announce new releases of three open-source projects to support software development with the OpenGL-based OpenSceneGraph (OSG) toolkit.

The osgAudio 2.0 release adds spatial sound to OSG applications, with configurable audio back-end support. osgAudio supports both OpenAL and FMOD back-end audio support libraries. osgAudio is a redesign of osgAL and was created with permission from the osgAL project. osgAudio features improved support for multidisplay environments, such as thread-safe Listener positioning and sound updating.

The osgBullet 1.1 release adds support for Bullet 2.76 and double precision physics. osgBullet is the recipient of a 2010 R&D 100 award.

The osgWorks 1.1 release continues to broaden the palette of OSG developer tools with new geometric shape support and tools for disabling LOD nodes.

Skew Matrix Software would like to thank Chris Hanson for significant contributions, and the open source community for collaborating by submitting bug reports, fixes, and enhancements.

Skew Matrix Software provides 3D graphics software development services, specializing in OpenGL and scene graph technologies.

To download the projects described, or for more information:

osgAudio osgBullet osgWorks